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Freaks of Greenfield High - a young adult paranormal book by Maree Anderson

Freaks of Greenfield High

Winner of the Gulf Coast RWA’s Silken Sands “Self-Published Star” and the Maryland Romance Writers “Reveal Your Inner Vixen” contests,
YA category. Optioned for TV by Cream Drama, Inc.

When a teenage cyborg is forced to hide out at a small-town high school, the unthinkable happens: she falls in love.

Jay’s a cyborg who looks just like normal teenage girl. She’s super-strong, super-smart, and she can even appear to grow and age like a human. When a covert organization intent on using Jay as a weapon comes after her, she needs to find a place where she can blend in. Greenfield High seems perfect—except that the boys think she’s totally hot and keep hitting on her, and she has no clue how to handle the attention. Who knew high school could be so perilous?

To add to her confusion she’s evolving—experiencing human emotions for the first time. So when she encounters ex-jock-turned-outcast Tyler, he sends her logical brain into a spin. She’s just starting to get the hang of this girlfriend/boyfriend thing when her pursuers track her down. Now’s so not the time for a cyborg to fall in love and get all emotional!

Genre: Young Adult / Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook
Words: 68,000

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Comments from some of my readers…

“I just finished it and I’m glad to say I loved it. It was professionally written, the plot never dragged, the characters were beautifully crafted, and your imagery grabbed me, pulled me in, and held me down without drowning me in details. 10/10 in my book. :)”
“Couldn’t put my iPod down!!! Holy moly, this was an amazing story! Loved how I could feel the emotions and how believable Jay is :D I cried, laughed, shouted, and giggled along the whole time!!”
“Read this three times now—desperate for the sequel!”
“OMG!!!!!! This Is undeniably the BEST book EVER!!!!!”
“Wow! Couldn’t stop reading and it’s way past my bedtime :)) thanks for a GREAT read!”
“A-MAZ-ING!!! Loved it, officially my new favorite story now! (:”
“wow… that was incredible! started reading it and couldn’t stop! i think you should get a print version out there and i’m gonna tell all my friends to read it right frigging now! i hope there will be a sequel :)”
“Oh. My. Godric. THAT WAS AWESOME!!! I really hope there will be a sequel because I really want to know how Jay survived and all that jazz! That was just such an awesome story!!! I liked that I couldn’t guess how everything was going to end up all the way to the very end. I truly enjoyed it. Amazing job :)”
“Wowie! I just finished and I must say that it was intense, amazing and so hook-worthy that I think I’m going to read it over and over again!!! <3”
“D’awwwwww! That was a particularly awesome ending, perfect for this book! NNNNOOOOO ITS OVVVEEEEERRRRRRRRR. :’’’’((((”
“AWWESSSOOMMMEEE. I do love me some STRONG female leads! Seriously, I am so happy right now.”
“Where is the damned love it button on this book!”
“That was bloody brilliant!!!!!!”
“Jeez, I was getting ready to cry at the end because of how sad it was... Love the twist at the end :) a truly phenomenal story, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it :) thanks for writing, and sharing your colorful imagination with us!!!!!”
“lov lov lov AWESOME ending :DD”
“So unique and well written and i love how you ended it! Kept me up reading til 2am :) -fan-”
“I am sooo sad that it had to end!!! Please i beg u! Write a sequel!!! <3ed it!!!”
“This book was awesome!!! I was really sad at parts but think that it was the best book that I’ve ever read. Please update a sequel.”
“OMG!!! That was such a good book! Your an awesome writer!!! You should make a sequel, I bet it would be just as amazing!!!”
“Oh my gosh I absolutely loved this! From practically the first sentence you had me hooked! It was so original and from now on all the other stories I read will not be able to top this. Consider this my absolute favourite”
“THIS IS ONE HELLUVA BOOK .. I LOVE IT . .yeah with cherries on top :))”
“There has to be a sequel…enuff said… ;)”
“My son just finished reading your story, he’s 14 so getting him to sit and read any thing is a job and a half, thought you might like to know he really enjoyed it and says if you wrote a sequel he’d be the first to read it. P.S he’d like to know if you’ve ever thought of writing a screen play of the story and pitching it as a series, he thinks it would make a really cool (his words) series.”
“I wasn’t really going to read this but once I started to I was just hooked! And it’s like 2:30 AM right now and I got mid terms today! AND I STAYED UP TO READ ALL THIS! I was attached to it in the first chapter! Just plain out pure awesomeness! I so can’t wait for the next book! Well if there is going to be but anyways! Thanks for writing this <3”
“Found your book yesterday, finished it today. This is the work of a mad genius!! Every moment kept me entertained and begging for more. Fantastic job! I loved it.”
“Please write a sequel, this book will have you holding on til the last word. Highly recommended for all teens.”
“This was so heartbreakingly sweet. Best Sci-fi/fantasy romance I’ve read in a long time. The pain you had both characters go through almost had me in tears. Wonderful job.”
“I loved this book! I admit I was apprehensive at first about the idea of a cyborg/human romance, but I was pulled right in. It was well written, and I enjoyed it very much.”
“Most. Epic. Book. I. Have. Ever. Read. I looove the ending!”
“AWESOME!!! I loved it, every single tear filled, edge of my chair, goofy smile filled minute of it! You’re an excellent writer, and this book was amazing… :D”
“Hi Maree! I’m most probably not in the age bracket this story was aimed at, but I totally enjoyed it! Ending with promise—perfect! Looking forward to more!”
“Wow, Just Wow!! That was awesomely mindblowing!! Im not normaly a fan of this type of book, but you have me converted. I just couldnt stop reading, cant wait for the sequel :) xxx”
“Hehe, I’m so giddy right now because that was a really amazing book! and I can’t believe its over but it was sososososososososososo good!!! lol”
“Oh my actual god what a roller coaster!!!! Genuinely cried [ ], but there was such a big smile on my face alllllll through the epilogue <3 I think my boyfriend might hate you, as i have stayed up till 4.30 reading this, but i love you!! You are truly a fabulous writer and i wish you all the luck in the world with all of your future endeavors. Sooooo glad you are writing a second book, i look forward to that with anticipation. Thanks for putting your story out there and good luck xxx”
“I absolutely loved your Freaks book. I actually went to sleep dreaming I was a cyborg with bad dudes after me. That’s how good it was :P The characters were awesome, Jay was ground-breaking. Literally. ;D”

YA category winner

Winner: Silken Sands “Self-Published Star” and Maryland Romance Writers “Reveal Your Inner Vixen” contests.

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Content suitable for young adult readers 14 years and up.

Book Two - Freaks in the City

Freaks in the City - Cover

Jay and Tyler’s story continues…

About the Author

Maree writes romance and young adult fiction of the paranormal, fantasy and Sci-Fi persuasion. She’s Kiwi, a New Zealander, and she’s addicted to chocolate—the darker the better. Not to mention coffee and excellent Kiwi wine. She’s not quite so addicted to her local gym but she’s working on it ;-)

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